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Eleventh Western China International Exhibition metallic materials and stainless steel

Two Rivers Area - opportunities June 18, 2010, Two Rivers District was set up in Chongqing, which is China's second Pudong New Area, Binhai New Area was established after the third National District. With the New Area of Chongqing listed two rivers, the strategic high ground in the western region of Chongqing's status has been highlighted in the future will focus on promoting the project in Chongqing mainly the automotive industry, equipment manufacturing industry, military industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, IT, electrical equipment, apparatus, Instruments and other competitive industries, the state of the two New River planning requirements of economic development in 2020 more than 1 trillion yuan of industrial output value, to achieve "a Chongqing recycling industry ", will bring huge industrial demand in Chongqing! Chongqing has the only inland bonded area, is the most development potential of the new DC, is the center of China's five major cities in the western region's economic and industrial centers, in recent years with the automobile, motorcycle industry, IT, marine, military, metal Metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, natural gas and chemical industry, aerospace, bridges, light rail, food, medical industry, engineering machinery, electronic appliances and high-tech industries to promote the rapid development will be faster rapid industrial development in Chongqing, metal materials (Plate, bar, wire, pipe), stainless steel and its accompanying surge in demand for related industries. To further promote the development of China's manufacturing industry, with the international market more quickly, show advanced metal materials and equipment to help the exhibitors to expand the market and expand business cooperation and sales channels, we hold special "Western China International Metal materials (plates, Bar, wire, tubing) and stainless steel exhibition. "This exhibition in the level and scale will be A record high.

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